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Cook, award-winning author and chair of the Shetland Food and Drink Association

Food Made in Shetland

Features over 60 recipes, useful tips and insights into the Shetland food scene. The recipes put the best of Shetland produce front and centre and will inspire you to create delicious and tasty meals at home.

Shetland Food and Cooking

The Shetland Food and Cooking cookery book is the culmination of several years’ research, drawn from a 35 year career teaching domestic science, driven by her Shetland heritage and inspired by Marian’s love of the wide variety of produce grown, reared and caught on these islands. Marian firmly believes Shetland has the finest produce on offer, anywhere.

Combining tradition with contemporary recipes, Marian serves up delights such as Shetland bannocks, sassermeat clatch, rhubarb chutney, taatie soup with reestit mutton and a whole host of seafood recipes, but you will also find more contemporary recipes such as Armenian lamb, bobotie, ceviche and a beremeal flat bread recipe, made with a heritage barley grown here in Shetland since the time of the Vikings.

Printed and published by The Shetland Times this paperback book retails at £20 and you can pick up a copy from the Shetland Museum and Archives online shop.


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